Jan 112013

Due to the latest java exploit, I am advising that you install java. You can find java under the add remove programs of windows.
This exploit effects all versions of Oracle java on all platforms.
Check the links here for more info



  3 Responses to “Java exploit”

  1. install or uninstall? Also I heard java released an update for it so before any script is ran, java asks you if you want to run it or not so not any script is ran without your knowing.

  2. the v7 java has the problem, the update does not fix this. the best thing to do is uninstall java 7
    and install java 6. you can get it here

  3. Yup even tho a hotfix came out acouple of days a go. I just uninstalled java 7 and went with java 6 x38 for X64 windows.

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